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Last month Mitso Kehayioglou and Loukas Pratilas, two of our most dedicated supporters, finished an epic sponsor run for FishAct and raised a total of € 920 for our upcoming campaigns. They attempted what was never done before: to complete the formidable Greek section of the European E4 mountain path, covering over 1,600 km in just 29 days. They ran across the entire length of Greece, including the island of Crete.

Mitso explains about the hardship they endured along the way: “During our run in Greece on the E4 path – an alpine path that connects the great mountain ranges of Europe – we had endless difficulties, especially trying to find the path, which does not exist in many places. We fought off the famous ferocious sheep dogs of the Greek mountains.”

“We were also stung by bees, bitten by a snake and most difficult of all: the scorching Greek sun, especially on the island of Crete where the temperature was up to 40 degrees celcius. Whatever difficulties we passed through our spirits were high, because we told everyone of the great work of FishAct and we are glad we have managed to raise this amount of money for the organisation.”

FishAct is extremely proud of Mitso and Loukas: “Doing something like this shows the dedication and determination that will help us become a strong movement for our oceans” says Teed Arvidsson, of FishAct.

Mitso adds: “I would like to thank everyone who supported our effort in any way. Your support was vital to continue and finish this extreme challenge. Please continue to support FishAct, because their work is essential in order to help stop the destruction of marine life in the European seas.”

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