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FishAct’s most important film “Losing Nemo” is now available in German. Professional narrator and author Marco Mehring gave his voice to dub the 6-minutes animation movie about the issue of overfishing.

We’re extremely happy that Losing Nemo is now available to our community of supporters and partners is Germany. It is a great tool to bring a wider range of people in contact with the issue of overfishing. Being able to experience a movie like this in your native language makes a big difference for people“, explains Valeska Diemel, National Director of FishAct.

Losing Nemo is an animation film about industrial overfishing made by a 30+ strong international team of animators. An international group of more than 35 professional animators, designers, 3D modelers, composers and producers have made Losing Nemo – entirely voluntary – in just under 5 months. Initiated by the animation film studio MrLee, the ambitious animation film project is set to bring attention to the problems of overfishing and the need for action to turn the tide for conservation.

Narrator Marco Mehring with Markus and Valeska from FishAct in the recording studio.

You can watch Losing Nemo in German here or in English here.

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