In the last four weeks FishAct toured through 16 major cities in Germany, giving public talks to raise awareness on the issue of overfishing and illegal fishing and to rally support for upcoming campaigns in Europe.

The “Voice for the Ocean Tour” travelled through Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin, Halle, Leipzig, Nürnberg, München, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Köln, Dortmund, Münster and Kassel. During the tour we had more than 400 people listening to our talks and supporting our work.

It was a truly rewarding experience, to travel through all of these cities and meet so many amazing and committed people. We had a great time and I think this speaking tour was the perfect start of our work in Germany!“, Valeska Diemel, National Director Germany and main speaker during the tour.

Gleis 22, Münster, 19.09.2016

Interkulturelle Bühne, Frankfurt, 15.09.2016


Voice for the Ocean Tour Flyer

FishAct is looking forward to organise other national speaking tours all over Europe soon. If you would like us to give a talk in your town or at your university, just send us an email!

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