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Teresa, a young fisheries observer, disappears ominously from a Spanish fishing vessel. Ragna and her group of radical activists are applying doubtful methods to save the oceans from collapse, while cases of fish poisonings are increasing all over Europe.

Three men are desperately looking for two women in danger of death – right in between a brutal fishing industry, an apathetic public and a paralyzed political apparatus: Wolfram Fleischhauer’s eco-thriller “Das Meer” creates a terrifying realistic scenario and tells a story about the borders of love and our longing for a different relationship with nature.


The author Wolfram Fleischhauer and Valeska Diemel at the book release event in Munich


The author, Wolfram Fleischhauer invited Valeska Diemel, director of FishAct, to the “Crime Festival” in Munich, where the very first public reading of the novel took place on April 13th. The author consulted Valeska during the process of creation as a source of information and an inspiration for his characters. During the event Valeska gave an insight on the undercover work in the fishing sector and answered all the questions concerning illegal fishing and fishery crimes, which are fundamental topics of the novel “Das Meer”.

This novel is the perfect medium to transport a very complex and difficult issue to a broad audience, which otherwise would never get in contact with it. It is very well researched and the reader gets a lot of information and facts, wrapped in an thrilling story. Books like “Das Meer” help us to get the issue of overfishing and illegal fishing high on the agenda of many people.” as Valeska Diemel, Director of FishAct, explains.

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