This weekend FishAct ran another Citizen Inspector training in London, UK. Over the course of four days trainees would learn about anything from laws on fishing to fish identification, vessel and fishing gear monitoring to first aid and evidence collecting.

In addition to the intense time in the classroom the team travelled to the port of Whitstable to put all the gained knowledge and skills into practice.

Nine newly trained Citizen Inspectors from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany are now keeping an eye on illegal fishing in Europe. With the support of these new CIs The Black Fish will be able to run several new campaigns this year in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

It is a great experience to work with people from all walks of life for four days and watch their learning progress. People, who have never really been in contact with fisheries suddenly can distinguish a purse seiner from a trawler and a gill net from a surrounding net. That’s a true reward for us after the intense days of teaching!“, says Sofian Zerelli, Citizen Inspector Network coordinator and trainer.

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