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The year comes to an end and we take stock. Despite the legal requirement to end overfishing in the EU until 2020, 41 percent of all fish stocks are still overfished. This year the ministers ignored the advice of their own scientist – again – and decided on much higher quotas for many species in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In addition ministers voted to reintroduce harmful fishing subsidies, that spend European citizen’s tax money to directly encourage overcapacity of the fishing fleets.

All in all, the irresponsible attitude of EU ministers in times of a global climate and biodiversity crises is making us furious. Therefore, another fish disappears from our logo this year. But we will not give up and will not stop to speak up and take action to protect all life in our ocean! And you can support us! It‘s time to act! It‘s time for FishAct!


We would like to thank everybody, who supported us during the last year. Thanks to all the people, that believe in the work we do, collaborate with us and donate to our cause. We could not do our important work without you!

We will be back next year with exciting news on the biggest project lined up, we ever had. Until then we wish you all some relaxing last weeks in 2019 and happy holidays!

The FishAct Team

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