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Hi folks, wishing you a happy 2021! We may have been quiet the past several months, but we certainly have not stopped being busy. One of the big projects we have been working on is our very own fish encyclopedia. This is still a work in progress but we are over the moon to announce we will be launching the first species on March 1st 2021. In this encyclopedia you will find multiple fish species (and in the future, mollusc and crustacean species too) that are commonly found at a fish market or frequently captured in nets. Fish by fish we will introduce them to you in more detail: Where do they live? What is their favourite food? Where do they travel to during their life? What is the biggest threat to their future and what does commercial fishing mean for them?

Our illustrations were designed by the German artist Sarah Rot just for us here at FishAct, I am sure you will agree that they highlight the beauty of marine wildlife.

We created this encyclopedia with the aim of providing an engaging, easy to understand, informative platform where anybody can easily delve into any fish they may want to learn more about. We want to give fishes the chance to be in the spotlight, focusing on species that are common in Europe’s seas and targeted by commercial fisheries. To share our knowledge about them and their lives with the world to show how magnificent they really are. We want to begin to grow a new-found appreciation for marine wildlife, in particular fishes. Everywhere on this planet floating factories are emptying our ocean with huge nets and billions of hooks. One reason that this can happen is that humans don’t feel connected to fish like they feel to mammals and without this connection, compassion seems impossible.

So, if you are just as excited as us to dive into learning more about fishes and the extraordinary lives they lead, please follow this link and be one of the first to check out our brand new, in the works, fish encyclopedia.

Part of our amazing encyclopedia team <3


Sorsha Passmore (project coordinator), Adam, Bertie, David Brauer, Emma, Pia Siegler, Tom Johnstone, Valeska Diemel & all other involved FishAct volunteers.

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