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On 20.07.22 we had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Patagonia’s latest film. The film The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez was presented. The Yorck Kinogruppe hosted the event as part of the arte Summer Cinema. Our volunteers Sofian and David set up a small stand and welcomed the guests at the entrance. Also present were the NGOs Rewilding Oder Delta, Provide the Slide and the Surfrider Foundation. All income was distributed to the NGOs as donations.

Almost 700 guests watched the film on a beautiful summer evening. Before the film, it was possible to talk to the representatives of the NGOs. We were there with our new banners and told some guests about our past actions and informed them of our Citizen Inspector Network.

David and Sofian ready for questions.

Before the film started, all NGOs were introduced on stage and were allowed to introduce themselves briefly. Afterwards, Stacy Peralta (the director) came and answered a few questions about his film. We were guided through the evening by the wonderful Dörthe Eickelberg, author and surfer. Feel free to check out her book: The Next Wave is for You. [Link]

Our team members were able to relax with popcorn and soda during the film. Feel free to watch the film [Link].

The movie forms a beautiful report about the time of surfing, when it was not about money. But about the pure pleasure in the water, just riding a wave, by one of the greatest legends of the sport. A guide through life, to just do it and trust your gut feeling.

We thank Patagonia and all the organisers for letting us be part of it.

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