About Us

FishAct is a movement of people, who have not lost their hope. We are working to end destructive fishing practices and stand up for healthy and abundant oceans. Join us!

What we do

FishAct is a conservation movement of volunteers from all over Europe with the aim of preserving healthy oceans full of life.

The voluntary fisheries observers, the Citizen Inspectors, go on undercover missions documenting and exposing illegal fishing activities in European fishing ports, markets and coastal areas. Over the years FishAct has run various investigations into illegal fishing activities in both the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea. Field research included e.g. monitoring of illegal bluefin tuna fishing in Croatia, tracking of illegal driftnet use in the Tyrrhenian Sea, dynamite fishing off Tunisia and deep-sea shark fishing and finning in Morocco.

In addition, FishAct organizes public events to raise awareness of overfishing and illegal fishing practices, inspiring a broad audience to make positive changes for healthier oceans. We have given more than 100 public talks, run stalls at events in more than 12 different countries and collaborated with multiple organisations and individuals across Europe.

We need your support! FishAct is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers and funded exclusively by donations. All donations go towards our projects and campaigns. Contact us to learn more about our work or to become part of the movement!

Our work



We are campaigning undercover in the ports and fish markets of Europe to detect illegal fishing practices where they occur.



We are working in union with other environmental activists, giving speeches and supporting events to spread awareness for the oceans.​



We are discussing with politicians and actively lobby European fishery politics to stop overfishing.

We are all volunteers for the ocean

FishAct is a dedicated group of people from a diversity of backgrounds.

We work together to preserve the natural beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Working for the ocean since 2010

FishAct began its work in 2010 under the name „The Back Fish“ and has since been working to protect the ocean and all marine life.

Ocean life under pressure

From the air we breathe, to the climate we live in, we all depend on a healthy ocean.

But the ocean has never been more threatened than today.

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