FishAct is a movement of people, who have not lost their hope. We are working to end destructive fishing practices and stand up for healthy and abundant oceans. Join us!

Our work is supported entirely by donations, membership fees and project funding from foundations and selected companies. It is very important to us to show all our members and supporters what happens with their money and which projects and events we use it for.The annual financial reports, our association statutes and other documents that can be found here on this page serve to ensure transparency.FishAct is a registered non-profit association in Germany. The registered office of FishAct e.V. is in Bremen. FishAct is exempt from corporate income tax and trade tax for the promotion of environmental protection and the promotion of animal welfare.Charity registration number: VR 7961 HB
Tax number: 60/146 /13283
Board of directors: Valeska Diemel (chairwoman) & Katia Schmidt (deputy chairwoman)Organizational statues – Download
Financial reports 2016 – 2020 – Download